Inspection Scheduling


Interactive Phone Response System

The Town of Paradise Valley has now implemented an interactive phone response system that provides access for the scheduling of building inspections 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may dial into this system at 480-348-3581.

Schedule Inspection, View Results, & Search Permits

You may also schedule inspections and view results via our website. You must have a valid permit number to use both the telephone and web systems. Both systems use inspection numbers, which can be obtained here (PDF) for easy reference. These may also be faxed to you by calling 480-348-3581 and selecting Option Number 2.

If you have any problems attempting to schedule an inspection, you may speak with a Building Services staff member at 480-948-7411.

User Tips

  • Calls received before 3 p.m. will be issued a confirmation number, and the requested inspection performed the next business day.
  • An inspection request is only considered scheduled when a confirmation number is issued by the system.
  • You may use this system to cancel an inspection up to 7 a.m. the day of your scheduled inspection.
  • Failure to cancel an inspection in a timely manner may result in a re-inspection fee.
  • If you are unable to successfully schedule an inspection request using this system, you may speak with a Building Services staff member at 480-948-7411.

Permit Types

Permits beginning with two letters, two numbers, and a dash may be accessed by this system. As an example, BD06-33107, is a valid permit number.

The first two letters, “BD” for example, refer to the permit type. The following two numbers represent the year of application. The five numbers after the dash represent your actual permit number. If you have an older permit with simply numbers for a permit number, you will have to speak to a building department representative for assistance.

Permit Type Examples

  • Building permits begin with the letters "BD"
  • Electrical permits begin with the letters "EL"
  • Plumbing permits begin with the letters "PL"
  • Demolition permits begin with the letters "DM"