Information Technology


The Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for managing technology throughout the Town’s departments, ensuring that accurate and timely information is provided to residents, Council, management, and staff.

Technology Investments and Assets
Technology investments and assets include:

  • The Town’s switched network and fiber optic backbone
  • Digital telephone and voicemail systems
  • Broadband internet and email equipment
  • Fileservers and peripherals
  • Software systems used by the Town staff

Other Responsibilities

The IT Department develops and manages a centralized Town-wide technology budget, and is responsible for its implementation. With this comes the responsibility for applications support and development, database maintenance, data integrity, and end-user support.


The Town’s geographic information system (GIS) and aerial imagery is managed by IT staff members, who create maps of different scope, analyze data, identify trends, and oversee the application of GIS data throughout the Town.

Web Services

IT plays a role in web services, where staff develop and design the Town website, and collectively maintain an interactive Inspection Request system, web servers, and remote access.

Each IT staff member strives for availability of technical resources, while ensuring a computing environment secure from internal and external vulnerabilities.