Community Resource Officer

Our Community Resource Officer (CRO) is a law enforcement officer who works as a liaison between the Paradise Valley Police Department and the community we serve. Our CRO, Officer Jimmy Phan, assists with public education, crime prevention, neighborhood-specific problems and also helps with coordination of other Town services and departments to promote a professional response to the citizens of Paradise Valley. This community program is designed to include on-going events and activities aimed at giving citizens control of their neighborhoods through innovative partnerships between and among governmental agencies; citizen groups; voluntary and religious organizations; the business community and others.

The CRO is responsible for issues and concerns in a neighborhood that are ongoing or simply demand more attention or time than can be reasonably alloted during the course of a routine police patrol call. The CRO helps coordinate various community events which promote crime prevention and awareness.

Community Resource Officer responsibilities include:

Jimmy Phan
  • Acts as a liaison between the Office of Chief of Police and citizens who are working with special projects on matters of community relation and partnership building
  • Serves as a referral resource for citizens
  • Liaison with local schools and places of worship
  • Implement and oversee Neighborhood watch programs
  • Conduct Home security reviews
  • Distribute crime prevention tips to businesses and residents
  • Attend Neighborhood association meetings
  • Issue crime information bulletins/alerts via social media
  • Distribute Handouts and information throughout the community
  • Host Community safety events including VIN etching, CPR/First aid classes, Watch your Car program, etc.


Police and community members come together in an informal, neutral space to discuss community issues, build relationships, and have a cop of coffee. Literally, a “living room conversation” that brings together the Community Resource Officer and neighborhood residents for an opportunity to meet one-on-one, in your home, and have an informal and open dialogue about public safety.

One of the keys to Coffee with a Cop's success is that it removes the physical barriers and crisis situations that routinely define interactions between law enforcement officials and community members. This type of meeting allows for relaxed, informal one-on-one interactions in a friendly atmosphere. This informal contact increases trust in police officers, which is a foundation for building community partnerships and engaging in effective problem solving.

So pull up a chair and grab a cup of coffee....

To meet with your Community Resource Officer or ask a question, please contact Officer Jimmy Phan at 480-348-3567 or Email CRO Jimmy Phan.