Cell Phone Reception

Paradise Valley is fortunate to be surrounded by amazing desert vistas from Camelback Mountain to the south, Phoenix Mountain Preserve to the west, and Mummy Mountain in the middle. Unfortunately these iconic features along with the Town's focus on preventing or mitigating visual clutter present challenges for adequate cell phone reception. Whether it is police officers in the field, guests staying at our world class resorts, or residents poor reception and dropped calls cheapen our quality of life.

In 2008, the Town attempted to improve reception by approving the installation of 42 faux cacti mini cell towers (called a distributed antenna system (DAS)) throughout town. Some carriers took advantage of these locations to varying degrees. Unfortunately, they have not solved the problem.

The Town has reached out to the major carriers in an effort to better understand the challenge and build a foundation for offering potential solutions. Are there changes in technology that could improve service coverage? Should the Council consider relaxing restrictions on wireless service facilities in Town?


While the Town continues to investigate possibilities to improve coverage town-wide here is an informative article on potential ways to boost your cell phone signal from "HowToGeek.com".

The Council received an update on cell service on September 22. View the presentation here. (Click on "Quality of Life - Cell Service)


The Town Council held a Community Conversation on May 17, 2017 to discuss changes to the Personal Wireless Services Facility Ordinance to improve coverage.