Wash Maintenance

The main purpose of washes and arroyos is to collect storm water runoff and channel it through the Town. As evidenced by recent storms, severe flooding can occur when wash capacities are exceeded or their ability to carry water is impeded. Preserving the beauty of Town washes while maintaining their ability to safely convey storm water is a shared and ongoing responsibility.

Residents' Responsibilities

Residents are required by Town Code to maintain washes on their private property. Sediment, debris, downed trees, and other obstructions should be cleared from the wash on an annual basis, prior to monsoon season (June 15 through September 30). This includes clearing trash racks and pruning tree limbs that block the wash and trap debris during storms.

Be Aware

State law (ARS 48-3613) prohibits blocking washes. Moreover, fencing over a wash requires a permit and must be installed above the wash flow-line.

Gravel Wash Surrounded by Vegetation