2019 Pavement Management Program


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District 13 Mill and Overlay

The Town of Paradise Valley will have a contractor resurfacing various streets in the Town of Paradise Valley by applying a 1½-inch asphalt overlay. 

The process for resurfacing the street is as follows:

  • Rotomilling – grinding an inch and half of the existing asphalt, full width of the roadway and at intersections to match existing asphalt grades.  The street will not be closed during this process.  There will be limited access until the road is rotomilled.
  • Resurfacing – applying a coat of tack oil, applying an inch and half new asphalt to the surface of the roadway and compacting it by rolling the surface.  The street will be done in two phases.  One side of the street will be done at a time.  Access will be limited while the new pavement cures and/or machinery is around.  Access will only be allowed for extreme emergencies.
  • Utility adjustments – cutting the new asphalt, raising the manholes or valve covers to the new surface height, and then filling them with black colored concrete.  Areas will be barricaded off to protect the concrete until it cures.  You will be able to access your residence during this procedure.  Use caution driving around the barricaded areas.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Jerry Cooper at 480-348-3589 or Steve Cupchak at 602-763-5399.

Please click Here for the Mill and Overlay schedule

Section 13_Map

District 10 & 15 Crack Seal and Surface Seal

In the upcoming months of April and May, the Town of Paradise Valley will be employing a contractor to perform roadway maintenance on various streets town wide.  This roadway maintenance includes crack sealing the roadways. This is followed by a surface treatment, Polymer Modified Masterseal (PMM) Seal Coat.  

As mentioned, the process for treating the street is a two-step process:

Step 1 - Crack Seal: The application of a crack seal material to various cracks in the roadway. The street will not be closed during this process but minor delays may be possible. The crack seal application will begin February 25th, 2019.  

Step 2 – Seal Coat Application: The application of PMM Seal Coat will be applied to half of the roadway one day and the other half of the roadway the following day.  During this phase roads will be the restricted, not closed for approximately 10 hours, from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Access will only be allowed for extreme emergencies 

Attached is a copy of the surface treatment schedule for the streets.  Please use this schedule to plan your trips on the day of the surface seal application.

District 10 - Map-Schedule
District 15 - Map-Schedule