Streets and Roundabouts

Streets & Street Classifications

There are approximately 144.5 miles of paved streets in Paradise Valley and 328 street names. Streets fall into one of four classifications: major arterial, minor arterial, collector, and local.  

Major arterials provide regional unity and continuity. Minor arterials serve as main feeder streets and provide linkages between major arterials. Collectors serve as main interior streets with limited through traffic and they provide linkages into and out of local streets. Local streets serve as interior streets intended to limit through traffic and provide access to immediate residences and other properties.


A modern roundabout is a type of circular intersection in which traffic must travel in one direction around a central island. Traffic entering the circle must slow down and give the right-of-way to drivers already in the circle. Roundabouts reduce injury accidents by as much as 75%.

Motorists may have noticed that many roundabouts are being constructed throughout the Valley and State. Paradise Valley currently has one roundabout located at the intersection of Invergordon Road, Northern Avenue, and Mockingbird Lane. They are designed to quickly and efficiently move traffic through an intersections. To see how to properly navigate a modern roundabout, watch this video. (Opens a YouTube video in a new browser.) 

Aerial view of roundabout