2018 Website Photo Submissions

During the 2018 website redesign, Town Staff identified an opportunity to harness the unique experience and talents of the residents.  In this opportunity, staff requested photo submissions that would be used very prominently on display throughout the new website.  Many residents took to the streets (and some through the air!) to capture the true essence of Paradise Valley.

The Town was fortunate enough to receive a large number of submissions, but only a few were chosen that would work well with the layout of the new website.  Below are the photos that were submitted and collected during the website design process.

Ann Fisher

Ann Fisher - Goldwater

Bruce Mowery

Bruce Mowery - Cacti3
Bruce Mowery - Bird
Bruce Mowery - Backyard
Bruce Mowery - Sky
Bruce Mowery - Puple flower

Donna Velcio

Donna Velcio - Baby Hummingbirds in Paradise Valley
Donna Velcio - Blooming Barrel Cactus in Paradise Valley
Donna Velcio - Cactus Wren in Paradise Valley
Donna Velcio - Hummingbird in Nest in Paradise Valley
Donna Velcio - Hummingbird in Paradise Valley
Donna Velcio - Monarch Butterfly and Honey Bee in Paradise Valley

Gary Edens

Gary Edens Monk on Mummy Mountain
Gary Edens Mountain
Gary Edens

Jerry Cox

Jerry Cox - Camelback
Jerry Cox - Goldwater(2)
Jerry Cox - Goldwater(6)
Jerry Cox - Golf
Jerry Cox - Skyline
Jerry Cox - Welcome to PV (3)

Joe Bishop

Joe Bishop - Paradise Valley Sunset
Joe Bishop - Saguaro Skeleton

Joe Miller

Joe Miller - Backyard

Julie Pace

Julie Pace
Julie Pace (2)
Julie Pace (3)
Julie Pace (4)
Julie Pace (5)
Julie Pace (6)


Keith Backyard
Keith - Backyard

Lawrence Finkel

Lawrence Finkel - 2
Lawrence Finkel - Harris Hawk
Lawrence Finkel - Black Phoebe
Lawrence Finkel - 4
Lawrence Finkel - 3
Lawrence Finkel - 5

Liz Gross

Liz Gross - Sundown
Liz Gross - Roadrunner
Liz Gross - Flowers
Liz Gross - Cactus

Max Goldman

Max Goldman - Backyard
Max Goldman - Backyard (2)

Michael Foley

Michael Foley - 2
Michael Foley - Sunset
Michael Foley - Sunset (2)
Michael Foley - Mountain
Michael Foley - 4
Michael Foley - 5

Randy Zucker

Randy Zucker - my backyard
Randy Zucker - Mummy Mountain Sunset
Randy Zucker - camelback4
Randy Zucker - Backyard Sunrise
Randy Zucker -  xmascactuswagon
Randy Zucker -  moonrise1

Scott Tonn

Scott Tonn - Monk on Mummy Mountain

Steve Albert

Steve Albert - Sunset over Camelback
Steve Albert - Resident Harris Hawk on Invergorden
Steve Albert - Flowers