Barry Goldwater Memorial

One must-see attraction in Town is the Goldwater Memorial. The Town of Paradise Valley is pleased to have commissioned the first major work of art to celebrate the life of Senator Barry Goldwater. A long time resident of the Town, he retired to Be-Nun-I-Kin, the name he gave to his hilltop home in Paradise Valley, after serving in the U.S. Senate for three decades.

On February 14, 2004, a one and one-half times life-size statue sculpted by noted Arizona artist Joe Beeler was unveiled and is the centerpiece of the Goldwater Memorial. The Memorial is located at the northeast corner of Tatum Boulevard and Lincoln Drive in the Town of Paradise Valley. Although the bronze statue is the focal point for the Memorial, the site is professionally landscaped with desert plantings and other features, and includes a pedestrian path inscribed with noteworthy quotes denoting some of Senator Goldwater's lifetime beliefs.

Barry Goldwater was an avid and skilled pilot, a talented photographer, and famous for his direct approach to politics. But above all he was a passionate Arizonan who loved the many unique features of this State. This sculptural portrait in the desert setting speaks eloquently of what was important to him.