Doubletree Ranch Road Redevelopment

Doubletree Ranch Road Reconstruction Project - Invergordon to Scottsdale

The Town is currently working on a design to reconstruct one mile of Doubletree Ranch Road from Invergordon Road to Scottsdale Road. The design includes a new meandering alignment with landscaped medians, bike lanes, and a meandering sidewalk. In addition, a roundabout will be constructed in the intersection of Doubletree Ranch Road and Invergordon Road.

The first project public meeting was held on April 25th in the Town Hall Community Room. Materials from the meeting can be found below:

PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Roll Plot (PDF)

Conceptual Board (PDF)

Based on comments received at the April meeting as well as by e-mail, changes were made to the project design which include narrowing the median and bike lane, removing the proposed sidewalk on the south, adding an entry feature, and conducting further drainage analysis.  A second public meeting was held on September 12th in the Town Hall Community Room.  Materials from the second meeting, including updated designs, can be found below:

Second Public Meeting Video (YouTube/MP4)

Second Public Meeting PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Second Public Meeting Roll Plot (PDF)

Second Public Meeting Conceptual Board (PDF)

Doubletree Ranch Road 100% Plans (PDF)

Please provide any feedback you have regarding the design, your property frontage, or any questions or concerns you have regarding the project to Capital Projects Manager Jason Harris.