Resident Mediation Program

The Town of Paradise Valley does not offer in-house mediation services but there are a number of qualified providers familiar with Paradise Valley who do offer such services.

When is mediation helpful?

Are you having an issue with your neighbor about a barking dog, landscaping, noise, drainage, lighting or other civil issue?  Mediation is one option to resolve conflict in a fast, fair and cost-effective manner.

Mediation is a confidential and voluntary resolution process in which a mediator facilitates communication between parties to reach an agreement. A mediator does not impose a decision but rather facilitates dialogue between parties. Mediation provides a forum to address issues of concern in a productive and peaceful manner for parties to reach a mutually agreed upon solution.

The Town's Role:

The Town itself is not a party to the mediation nor is it bound by any recommendations of the mediator regarding matters such as Town Code interpretations or suggested variances from the Town Codes.  The mediator is not a Town employee or agent of the Town but may interact with Town staff to obtain background on the matter being mediated between neighbors and may seek input form Town staff on available alternatives for neighbors who are seeking to resolve conflicts.  The Town is not bound by any recommendation of a mediator that requires a variance or rezoning in order for the recommendation to be effective.

Although the Town does not endorse any particular mediation service, two mediation services that have stated that they are available to town residents are:

Community Associations Institute of Central Arizona


Workplace Resolutions LLC

Mediator and Arbitrator