Anti-Swatting Program

Police Department Introduces Resource to Prevent Swatting Incidents


 There’s the voice of a male in panic as he tells 9-1-1 operators he has hostages in his household and demands money in exchange for their lives.   As officers arrive on scene and coordinate efforts to safely make contact, all parties present are surprised by what has just occurred. There are no exigent circumstances nor hostages, just a husband and wife. 

It’s called “swatting” and according to the FBI it is the use of technology to deceptively cause a heightened emergency and law enforcement response. “Swatting is a serious criminal offense. It can deplete valuable resources and put unsuspecting victims in harm’s way,” said Chief Peter Wingert.

Now a voluntary registry helps protect residents and address privacy concerns related to swatting as it aids first responders. Police will still respond to all calls for service, regardless of whether or not swatting concerns have been registered. This program enhances their response for any concerned residents. 

As technology improves, this process may be updated but key principles will remain. Personal information will be kept confidential and responding officers will utilize available information as a tool to aid their professional training in addressing these types of calls.

If a police response is requested to an address where swatting concerns have been registered, the information within a Rave Facility Profile assigned to a resident’s address will be shared with first responders to improve their response and communication with residents during the incident. Residents will be required to log in and confirm their information every year to keep an active alert.

If your contact information needs to be updated, please log back into your profile to make the necessary changes. If you have moved or would like to have your alerts removed, please contact the Community Resource Officer.

Creating a Rave Facility Profile and Uploading a Swatting Alert Form:

Are you concerned about being the target of swatting? Creating a Rave Facility profile is easy.

First, visit this site here. Click the Register Now button. There is no cost and your information is confidential.

  • Under Organization Name and Nickname, enter the term “Swatting Concern” for both fields.
    • Simply enter the name of your household and all required fields.
    • Ignore the 'Rave Panic Button Activation Code' field.
    • Agree to terms of use.
    • Click the Submit button.
  • This brings you to the 'Campuses' page. Ensure your home information is accurate. 
    • In the 'Location Type' field, use the drop down to select 'Other'.
    • In the box that displays type 'Swatting Concern'.
    • Click the Continue button.
  • Click on the map to draw a boundary line around your property.
    • Click the Continue button.
  • Click the ‘Resources’ page. 
    • Click on the words "Public Safety Resources" to turn the font white.
    • Click the Add a Resource button.
    • Upload a signed Swatting Alert Form, downloadable here.
    • Title the document "Swatting Alert Form"
    • Click the Save button.
  • Click the 9-1-1 Centers page.
    • Click the Submit button.
    • Log out

For questions please reach out to Community Resource Officer at