Police Department General Orders

Chapter 1 Law Enforcement Role and Authority

     G.O. 1.1 State of Arizona Public Employee Loyalty Oath ARS 38-231 

G.O. 1.2 Law Enforcement Code Of Ethics

G.O. 1.3 Jurisdiction And Authority

G.O. 1.4 Interrogations And Confessions 

G.O. 1.5 Search and Seizure

G.O. 1.6 Laws Of Arrest

G.O. 1.7 Racial Profiling; Bias Free Policing

G.O. 1.8 Use of Force

G.O. 1.9 Firearms

G.O. 1.10 Recording Police Activity

Chapter 2: Agency Jurisdiction and Mutual Aid

G.O. 2.1 Jurisdiction

G.O. 2.2 Mutual Aid

G.O. 2.3 Specific Agencies

Chapter 3: Contractual Agreements; Law Enforcement Services

G.O. 3.1 County Jail Services

Chapter 11: Organization and Administration

G.O. 11.1 Organizational Structure

G.O. 11.2 Unity of Command

G.O. 11.3 Chain of Command

G.O. 11.4 Rank Structure

G.O. 11.5 Seniority

G.O. 11.6 Orders

G.O. 11.7 Supervisory Responsibilities

G.O. 11.8 Release from Active Duty for Cause

G.O. 11.9 Emergency Command

G.O. 11.10 Administrative Reports

G.O. 11.11 Correspondence

G.O. 11.12 Communication; Internal and External

G.O. 11:13 Storage, Maintenance and Destruction of Department Records

Chapter 12: Direction

G.O. 12.1 General Orders Manual

G.O. 12.2 Revisions, Command Directives

G.O. 12.3 Standard Operating Procedure

G.O. 12.4 Conflicts of Policy or Procedure

G.O. 12.5 Dissemination, Tracking, and Review

Chapter 15: Planning and Research; Crime Analysis

G.O. 15.1 Planning and Research Unit

G.O. 15.2 Long Term Planning

G.O. 15.3 Goal and Objectives

G.O. 15.4 Crime Analysis

Chapter 16: Allocation and Distribution of Personnel and Personnel Alternatives

G.O. 16.1 Allocation of Personnel

G.O. 16.2 Specialized Positions

G.O. 16.3 Part-Time Officer Program

G.O. 16.4 Homeland Security Crime Prevention Volunteer Program

G.O. 16.5 Shift Assignment and Rebidding

Chapter 17: Fiscal Management and Agency Property

G.O. 17.1 Finance Section

G.O. 17.2 Department Vehicles

G.O. 17.3 Other Department Equipment

G.O. 17.4 Department Facilities

G.O. 17.5 Key Control

G.O. 17.6 Bond Receipt Procedure

Chapter 21: Classifications; Duties and Responsibilities

G.O. 21.1 Classifications

G.O. 21.2 Duties and Responsibilities

Chapter 22: Compensation, Benefits, and Conditions of Work

G.O. 22.1 Compensation

G.O. 22.2 Working Hours and Overtime

G.O. 22.3 Lactation Break Policy

G.O. 22.4 Other Employee Leave and Benefits

G.O. 22.5 Separation from Employment

G.O. 22.6 Retirement Credentials

G.O. 22.7 Light or Modified Duty

G.O. 22.8 Return to Work Following Injury

G.O. 22.9 AWOL (Unauthorized Leave Without Pay)

G.O. 22.10 Fitness for Duty Examinations

G.O. 22.11 Off Duty Work as a Peace Officer

G.O. 22.12 Outside Employment (Not as a Peace Officer)

G.O. 22.13 Court Appearances

Chapter 23: Workplace Safety: Accidents and Injuries

G.O. 23.1 Accidents Involving Police Personnel and Property

G.O. 23.2 Occupational and Workplace

G.O. 23.5 Exposure to Bodily Fluids, Infectious Material or Communicable Disease

G.O. 23.8 Industrial Leave 

Chapter 25: Grievance Procedures

G.O. 25.1 Grievance Procedures

Chapter 26: Disciplinary Procedures

G.O. 26.1 Code of Conduct

G.O. 26.2 Use, Ownership, and Examination of Town Property and Employee Personal Property Brought onto Town Premises

G.O. 26.3 Drug and Alcohol Policy

G.O. 26.4 Uniform, Equipment, and Appearance Standards

G.O. 26.5 Discipline

G.O. 26.6 Equal Employment Opportunity

G.O. 26.7 Commendations and Awards

G.O. 26.8 Retirement