Information for Voters

2024 Election Calendar


Last Day for candidates for mayor/council to file to run for officeApril 1, 2024
Earliest campaign signs may be installed (per state law)May 20, 2024
Last day to register to vote (Primary Election)July 1, 2024 at 11:59 PM
Early voting beginsJuly 3, 2024
Last day to mail early ballots (recommended)July 22, 2024
Last day to remove political signs (state law)August 14, 2024
Canvass of the ElectionAugust 15, 2024

Last day to register to vote (General Election)October 7, 2024
Early voting beginsOctober 9, 2024
Last day to mail early ballots (recommended)October 29, 2024

Signing Candidate Petitions

Registered voters in Paradise Valley may sign one petition for mayor and petitions for three different candidates for Town Council.  This is because there are three council seats on the ballot in this election cycle.  Voters may sign hard copy petitions or may sign petitions for Mayor and Town Council candidates electronically through the Arizona Secretary of State's E-Qual portal.  For more information read the SOS E-Qual voter guide.

Paradise Valley Voter Statistics

Number of registered voters in PV10,337
Number of PV voters on the vote-by-mail list (AVEL)8,746
Number of PV voters not registered with a political party ("independents"3,117*
Voter turnout in August 2022 election50%
(Numbers as of January 2024)
*If you are not registered as a Republican or Democrat (i.e. "independent") AND you are signed up to automatically receive a ballot by mail, you will receive a postcard from the  Maricopa County Election Department asking you to designate which ballot you wish to vote in the Primary Election: Republican, Democrat, or local races only.