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2019 Art Display at Town Hall
Ed Lowry Portrait (2)

"You don't really see the Grand Canyon, you experience it."

Former PV Mayor Ed Lowry’s spectacular photographs celebrate this natural wonder during the Centennial Celebration of the Grand Canyon being named a National Park. 

Ed’s fondness for the planet’s biggest geological event began before he even moved to Arizona. For him, it is a place where space, time, beauty and mystery continue into something far larger than its physical boundaries.

Although not an Arizona native, Ed has lived in Paradise Valley since before the town was incorporated. Born in California and raised in Michigan and Ohio, Ed moved to Paradise Valley in 1961 after completing his law degree at Stanford University and serving in the United States Air Force. He has been practicing law in Phoenix since the 1960s.

Ed has served as a Town Magistrate and Councilman. He was Mayor of Paradise Valley for three consecutive terms from 1998 to 2004.

Since 1965, Ed has guided over 50 trips down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Ed loves to live vicariously through his companions while they experience the evening sunset on the rock formations, hiking down the beautiful trails and getting soaked with icy water in the rapids. These experiences are beautifully reflected in the photographs in this exhibition.

Ed and his wife Patsy, a third generation Arizonian, reside in Paradise Valley.


Grand Canyon photo by Ed Lowry

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PV Arts Board Overview

The PV Arts Board advises the Town Council concerning planning and display of art works in the Town Hall Complex. The Committee helps to create and sustain a cultural and artistic environment which encourages local artists, collectors, and gallery owners to participate in educational and exhibition projects within the Town.

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