2022 General Plan

What's the General Plan?

The General Plan is a long-range tool for guiding the future of the Town through a series of goals, policies, and actions covering various elements (e.g., land use, open space, etc.) which further the Town’s vision & values which include maintaining its primarily one-acre, residential community, limited government, sense of community, partnerships with existing schools and resorts, aesthetics, and natural open space. 


How often is the General Plan Updated?

State law (A.R.S. §9-461.05) requires that every Arizona municipality adopt a general plan that must also be updated and readopted by voters every ten years. The Town’s first General Plan was adopted in 1980 with subsequent updates in 1997, 2001, 2003, 2012 and most recently in 2022. Building from the previous General Plans, the 2022 General Plan addresses key topics such as land use, community character, circulation, open space, environment, sustainability and public facilities and services.

Plan Provisions

The links below include a PDF of the entire plan and separate links for each chapter of the 2022 General Plan. Resident comments that shaped the plan were provided throughout 2021.  That included surveys, public workshops, special events, newspaper articles, Town publications and announcements, Commission and Town Council work sessions, and a dedicated project website.  A public hearing was held by the Planning Commission on February 15, 2022 recommending Town Council adopt the 2022 General Plan. The Mayor and Town Council also held two (2) public hearings before adopting the plan at their March 17, 2022, Council meeting.

On August 2, 2022, Paradise Valley residents ratified the 2022 General Plan with 83% of the vote.

Town of Paradise Valley 2022 General Plan 2022 General Plan (PDF)  - Complete document

Town of Paradise Valley 2022 General Plan by Chapter

0. Table of Contents

1. Introduction (Includes Vision & Values)

2. Land Use

3. Community Character & Housing

4. Mobility

5. Open Space

6. Environmental Planning & Water Resources

7. Sustainability

8. Public Facilities Services & Cost of Development

9. Implementation

10. Glossary

Archival Planning Documents