Who is my Water Provider?
There are three water providers within the Town of Paradise Valley, including Berneil Water Company, City of Phoenix Water Services and EPCOR Water Company. Where you live within the Town determines your water provider. Click the link below to view a map of the water provider boundaries. For more information including contact numbers please click here Water District Map

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1. Who is my Water Provider?
2. Who do I contact regarding traffic signal and sign issues?
3. Who do I contact related to roadway construction in the Town?
4. Who do I contact about drainage concerns in my neighborhood?
5. Who do I contact to report a street maintenance concern?
6. Who do I contact about dead animal pick-up?
7. Who do I contact about bees, mosquitos, or varmints on my property?
8. Who is my sewer provider and where is the sewer located?
9. Who provides solid waste and recycling collection in the Town?
10. Who do I contact about utility billing?
11. Why are there colored markings on my street?
12. How do I dispose of household hazardous waste?